Did you know

Did you know this machine can fit through a standard 3ft gate or door.
The tracks collapse down to just under 3ft.
It can work silently off its lithium battery both internally or external.
It can be set up in a garden with track boards laid to protect lawned areas.
It can set up in minutes and can carry out lifts multiple times around a building.
Great for roofing works due to the basket being able to rotate.
Can reach approx 5.5 stories high.
No security issues with a spider as it’s brought in, Job done and removed the same day.
No holes in your building from scaffold being tied in or people accessing scaffold to enter buildings unannounced.

Working at height made easy

Working at height made easy.
Platform Basket 33m Hybrid Spider Lift working at 7 stories high carrying out high level maintenance.
Should you have a requirement for a machine with this capabilities then contact Harrogate Access Platforms.
Can reach 11 stories up and can give 15.5m of outreach at 17m

Announcing the Platform Basket 33m Hybrid Spider Lift

Harrogate Access Platforms are pleased to announce that the beast above will be with us in March 22.

The Platform Basket 33m Hybrid Spider lift can reach heights of 33m with 15.5m of outreach with an up and over radius of 17m high and 15.5m of outreach.

In reality terms this machine can reach 11 stories up.

Due to it being a hybrid this machine can work silently off its Lithium battery pack indoors for large shopping centres or atriums that are difficult to access.

Fantastic machine for reaching very difficult areas such as chimneys on 3,4,5 and six story properties but even better for accessing very large trees that need to be removed or dropped.

Roof cleaning at an MOD site in Harrogate

They were going to re-roof this property as it was having issues.
Once cleaned we were able to identify the issues (ridge tiles/mortar) and put them right so the property won’t have any more issues.
Using our own 18.90m tracked hybrid spider allowed us to clean safely from the basket without ever needing to touch the roof.
Another happy client who just saved themselves £18,000.

Truck mounted lifts

Harrogate Access working at height on a project in Harrogate.
2 x 45m truckmounts in action.
Needed these machines for their 28m of outreach due to there being an underground car park that we could not set up platforms on to reach said areas.
Pointing & high level survey to ensure all residents & visitors are safe from any high level issues.

Roof cleaning

Carrying out roof cleaning in Harrogate using our 18.90 Tracked Access Hybrid spider.
Fantastic machine for working at height.
Can fit through a standard 3ft gate and work at 5 stories high with the ability for multiple set ups around properties.
If you think you need scaffold give HAP a call for a free site inspection.

We are hiring

***********WE ARE HIRING ********

Harrogate Access Platforms are looking for an individual to join our team.
Due to high demand we require a banksman to support our high level service provision.

Full training will be given for the right candidate with a view to having a great career in the Access Industry.

A head for heights is essential should any candidate wish to progress through their IPAF and become an operator.

Should you be interested in this role then can contact Robbie Whellans at robert.whellans@talktalk.net or in person on 07903535771.