Working at Height

Welcome to my first blog!!

Well  it’s been a great 3 months working with out 18.75m tracked access platform and it’s been well received by the Yorkshire community.

The machine can fit through a standard 3ft gate and only needs 12ft to set up.

We have saved lots of clients a fortune over the hassles and costs of using scaffold. I still see many many properties with scaffold erected and feel it’s just a matter of time and more marketing to make people more aware of the huge savings that can be made by using cherry pickers.

It is so much less invasive than using scaffold as there are no holes knocked into the building and no roof tiles broken from having to put boards on the roof to rest scaffold, which invariably breaks tiles.

There are also security issues with scaffold as people can access high level windows whereas with a platform it is brought in, task completed and the platform is removed.

No fuss, no mess, no scaffold left up for weeks.

I believe cherry pickers are the future for carrying out high level specialist works and as people become more aware that there are better alternatives than scaffold they will become the No 1 choice for carrying out working at height safely

We had our first strange request last week where we had a client who could not get a new oven up the stairs so we had to take a large window out at the side of the pub and it was lifted with our platform up and through the opened window.

The client was very happy and it was another good experience to put under my belt since gaining my IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) Qualification.

All Health & Safety requirements were met before any work was carried out as we are Safe Contractor Accredited and take the safety of our employees, clients and general public as paramount.

See you for my next blog when I will be telling you what we have been getting up too, new clients, future plans



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